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08/28/2022 Migrating from Jekyll to Hexo

07/27/2022 Intorduction to Quick Select Algorithm

07/22/2022 閱讀心得 人月神話 The Mythical Man Month II

07/04/2022 Introduction of Multithreading and Race Condition

06/22/2022 “閱讀心得-人月神話 I The Mythical Man Month”

06/15/2022 Play 2048 Puzzle Game on Jekyll Blog

06/12/2022 Memory Layout of Program

06/02/2022 General Tips to C/C++ Pointers

05/28/2022 淺談 Digital IC Back-end Process

05/23/2022 Python Schedule Routine Tasks Everyday

05/21/2022 淡定的撲克臉 (Poker Face)

05/13/2022 略讀 - Linux Kernnel 設計的藝術

05/12/2022 Introduction to Dynamic Programming

05/10/2022 Step on Clay Court

05/08/2022 How to Document Python Code by Using Sphinx

04/21/2022 Introduction to Least Recently Used Cache

04/12/2022 Strongly Connected Components

04/09/2022 Topological Sorting

04/02/2022 Introduction to Bitpartite Graph

03/28/2022 Introduction to the Basic Backtracking Algorithms

03/24/2022 閱讀心得-美麗境界 A Beautiful Mind

02/27/2022 What are the Differences between Recursion and Iteration

02/04/2022 Introduction of Asymptotic Complexity

02/01/2022 Overview of Greedy Algorithms

01/26/2022 淺談蒙提霍爾博弈問題 - Monty Hall Program

01/25/2022 淺談輾轉相除法 - Euclidean Algorithm

01/19/2022 淺談均攤分析 - Amortized Analysis

01/14/2022 Overview of Basic Graph Traversal Algorithm and Google Testing

01/12/2022 代碼之外的生存指南 II

01/08/2022 閱讀心得-鏡與窗談判課 Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything

12/22/2021 Overview of Dynamic Memory and Smart Pointer

12/18/2021 淺談物件導向的基本概念(II)

12/01/2021 淺談物件導向的基本概念(I)

11/05/2021 Overview of Google C++ Naming Style Guide

10/27/2021 Overview of Makefile and CMakeFile

10/18/2021 Introduction of Verilog Mode and Emacs (Updated)

10/17/2021 Overview of the LLVM Compiler

10/12/2021 代碼之外的生存指南 I

10/05/2021 Basic Bash Script Cheatsheet

10/03/2021 Introduction of POSIX Timer and Thread

09/27/2021 How to Manage the Children Processes and its Application

09/20/2021 閱讀心得-爸爸寄來的經濟學情書

09/16/2021 Neovim with Vim-Plugins Toolkits

09/11/2021 專業程式設計師的生存之道 II (Updated)

09/09/2021 Introduction of Name Mangle and Demangle

08/29/2021 閱讀心得-戀愛管理學:為何會拿好人卡

08/20/2021 Introduction of Python Exception, Logging and Error Handling

08/15/2021 閱讀心得-最後的演講

08/11/2021 Intorduce CSS/HTML Basics and Simple Python based CSS Parser

08/01/2021 How to Use Tmux and Set up Configuration

06/21/2021 專業程式設計師的生存之道 I

03/04/2021 Mix C and C++ Programming

02/28/2021 Detect Memory Issues by Using Valgrind

01/31/2021 GCC Compiling, Linking, Utilities and Specialized Tools

01/23/2021 C++ Static and Dynamic Libraries

12/16/2020 What is the Callback (function pointer) and How it Works

12/05/2020 程序員修煉之道 - Updated 2022/01/23

09/17/2019 Introduction of Downsampling

09/10/2019 Introduction of feature representations of the speech signal

09/03/2019 Memory Section Size

08/27/2019 Some of Common C library functions

08/24/2019 A Brief Introduction to Some of Common MATLAB Syntaxes and Usages

08/14/2019 Intorduction of Wave File Format

08/14/2019 Introduction of Wave File Format

08/13/2019 How to estimate CPU time

07/24/2019 Introduction of fixed-point and floating-point representation

07/22/2019 Introduction of Container Map in C++ Standard Template Library (STL) - Updated 2022/01/23

07/06/2019 How to document your C++ Porgram by using Doxygen

06/16/2019 How to setup gdb and Eclipse to debug C/C++ files on macOS

03/29/2019 Basic Matrix Calculus for Machine Learning

03/08/2019 ARM Cortex M3 Handbook

01/27/2019 Linux/Unix command Handbook

01/14/2019 Introduce Tensilica Instruction Extension Language

12/12/2018 Tensilica Xtensa Hardward Verification and EDA

11/11/2018 The Handbook of CIEE Orientation

10/30/2018 Calfornia Driver License

09/22/2018 What’s Jekyll and How to build a personal blog using Lanyon ( Part II )

09/15/2018 Git Handbook

09/09/2018 What’s Jekyll and How to build a personal blog using Lanyon ( Part I )